Observer training

Business need
Observer training is a pre/requisite for a good DC initiative because the observers are critical to the success of the DC, Look at the high expectations! A good observers is:

  • An excellent listener – intuitive. They can see “beyond” the observed behaviour.
  • Factual & –observational. They remember what is said, and use this to create the foundation of good feedback by capturing the moment clearly
  • Savvy – they understand the candidate’s job role and how the fit into the organisation
  • Creative – they see ways of developing and using the candidate that would otherwise be missed. They make good suggestions and package advice in a way that people take it on board.
  • Experienced and successful. They are able to act as a role-model, and take on the role of a mentor (for the timeframe of the DC, and maybe afterwards)
  • Training conscious. They see the need for, and are willing to invest in development initiatives

While certain elements will change based on needs analysis, the experience of the observers and current skill status, the standard element of observer training are:

  • Active listening
  • Turning competencies into a common language, and understanding the personal  impact of a strong competency awareness
  • Translating observed behaviour into comments about competencies
  • Writing good notes (usable, readable, concise and descriptive)
  • Making suggestions
  • Giving feedback
  • Receiving feedback (in the case where the observers also receive feedback from the facilitation team on their feedback giving skills)

Who should attend
A course is suitable for:
- Observers (Line of Business Managers)
- Trainers
- Internal coaches & mentors
- HR Personnel
- Training  Managers
The practical part of the programme is where we take a selection of DC exercises,  run them in plenum, and then take the observers through the steps of developing feedback for the candidates.

For internal purposes, companies do well to film these sessions and host them on a common intranet platform. This has the effect of creating strong appreciation of the DC objectives, and a stronger willingness and motivation to attend (or to get on the short-list)
1-2 days, depending on importance, and numbers