3T workshop - Train the Trainer for developement centers


After this programme, the participant will be able to organize and implement a complete DC approach within their organization. The program focuses on practical, proven, leading-edge techniques and strategies that both new and experienced trainers / HR professionals /internal facilitators and LoB managers can use with immediate success.


Content overview

Needs Analysis

We ask the participants to complete a questionnaire and run a telephone interview to discuss needs and personal goals. Participants will bring their own case study to the workshop. Over the 3 days, we will do 6 small exercises that give the participants the top level documentation they will need to sell the DC concept internally and begin the planning work.

Day 1

When does a DC approach make sense? Organizational background criteria.

Understanding the whole DC design

Defining target groups

“Selling” the idea internally – necessary support and sponsorship

Day 2

Choosing role-players

Choosing the facilitation team

Observer selection. Defining the level of value required by the observers

Observer training and mentoring

Role-play design

Competency definition, or working with pre-established competencies


Day 3

Logistics and timetable instruments

Infrastructure and location requirements

Feedback mechanisms

Feedback process, written vs Oral


        Draft agenda

Day 4 (optional)

Individual coaching to set up internal DC



Please contact us to find out when the next open seminar will take place



Workshop Pricing:

€1250 per person. (we will have a maximum of 8 participants on the open seminar)

Day 4 Pricing (1 full day face to face, or 4 x 2 hours web based coaching):

€1500 per person