Customers, participants, organisers – outcomes and how they benefit.

Note - Facilitators & Role-players are generally externally sourced. However, a learning organisation will also try to internalise these roles to 30-50%

  Outcome Benefit
  • They receive a snapshot of current situation
  • Career plan
  • Personal development path
  • Skill & training needs
  • Change of behaviour
  •  Give feedback to people in their organisation
  •  Practice a subset of leadership abilities: coaching, giving and receiving feedback; making suggestions, active listening.
  • Develop ability to advance organisational development, and take back learning’s into other people management situations.
  • Be active in deciding the future of the company, based on helping shape the people who will eventually (potentially) run it.
HR department
  •  Motivated employees
  •  Create a development platform that is common to all the functions with people responsibility, and acts as a form of motivation for everyone else.
  • Generate a development platform for potential leaders to be recognised.
  •  Open organisation
  • Sustainable personal development 
  •  Ensure business continuity over time, succession planning, or simply having the confidence that top positions can be filled easily.
  • Send a positive message to the employment market, and could certainly act as a retainer for some people in the organization.
  • Create a platform to address and discuss corporate change initiatives.
  • Live and breathe the competency set – use as a foundation for organisational development.
  •  Have an overall knowledge of candidates and observers
  •  Build results into an organisational succession plan
  • Make recommendations for how to use resources best
  •  In-depth knowledge of roleplays and exercises
  •  Are able to use this knowledge to improve future DCs