Who - The people involved. Their reasons and motivation for being involved with the DC

A Development Centre will typically involve middle level managers (candidates – sometimes called the “talent pool”) and the top management (observers).

The observers are usually a cross section of leadership functions from the company. The team of candidates can be assembled from one business unit; sales, operations, back office, logistics, HR, marketing, or from a cross section of business units.

In the table below, we have tried to identify each function's motivation, for taking part in the DC process. Please note that the Facilitator role is also one that can be taken over internally.



  • with ongoing needs for development
  • selected by the organisation to be part of the “talent pool”
  • who are expected to take on further responsibility
  • who have been through all other types of training

 Senior managers

  • who are trying to create an organisation advancement plan
  • who wish to develop their own skills in giving feedback
  • who wish to share their experiencewho believe in education as a way of moving the company forward


  • who are responsible to run the LDC programmes
  • who take ownership of the expected deliverables and targets
  • who manage both observers and candidates
 HR department

 HR Managers

  • who would like to recognize the talented and engaged people in their organisation.
  • who wish to invest in something that is clearly respected and desired by their LoB managers (Business Unit heads)
  • who need to cement a long-term development understanding in the organisation
  • who need to train and develop upper managers who don’t have time or the wish) to attend courses
  • with a plan to increase the facilitation skills, moderation skills, and training acumen of their own department plus a few selected people
  • with a need to align a competency structure with the real world!
 The Buyer
  •  needs to make a serious investment in development of people and organisation, and is not satisfied with traditional “1 off” training programmes


To understand more about how these (and other) people benefit from the DC, see our customers page.