• We believe that the DC approach is the most qualitative type of training and development exercise that exists, and goal is to be recognized as the subject matter experts of the DC approach on the international market.


  • We believe that during the next 20 years, traditional T&D subject areas will be trained according to the DC approach and principles. We want to be in the driving seat for showing organizations how they can apply DC principles to every area of training and development.


  • We want to be seen as a qualitative, reliable, pragmatic and excellent provider of DC services and initiatives.


  • We want our clients to build our concepts and/or services into their business practices, because it makes sense to do so.


  • We want to serve LoBs well, and bring value


  • to demonstrate DC experience and references in 7 diverse industries within 7 years.


  • To provide free materials, concepts and ideas under the banner of, and to keep this available so that the world can do DC on their own if they haven’t got a budget.