Role-play examples

Example roleplay scenarios:


“Be a role model”

  • “Sharing experience” roleplay – telling a story of one’s own professional life, and then try to draw a parallel to the other. (Quite a difficult roleplay to set up)
  • “A sales call”. We can create a situation where the senior sales reps says “here – I know I am not supposed to do this, but let me show you how I do it”. (Then we have a customer, sale person roleplay.


Give feedback; correct, personal, useful. Motivate people


  • In one of the teaming exercises or presentations, the candidate would be given the brief to observe another candidate, and then to give feedback to them.
  • A roleplay that has a scenario where a junior rep is very disillusioned. The senior rep has just been on a call with them, and it was not very good, but the senior rep recognises potential, and besides, they don’t have anyone else.....
  • Upward feedback. The senior rep gives the sales manager a report on the people, without damaging his position of “trusted advisor” in both directions


Be positive

  • A team meeting, where everyone is miserable and depressed. (This is difficult to create a roleplay out of – because of the logistics involved – much easier to have one-on-one sessions


Be constructively critical

  • A case study of a junior rep, their performance over the last 6 months to 1 year, they had just had their performance review with their boss


Shared learning presentations. Eg. - Explain complex products to a diabetes team

  • It is always good to have a presentation of some kind, because it requires preparation, time and thought. We can then observe some of the intelligent factors, such as analysis, summarising, simplicity, passion etc.
  • Product presentation to a group of non-experts


Upward communication

Presentation briefing – “say it in one slide!”. Summarising, getting to the point, being clear about what you want