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The table above illustrates a series of generic DC (or AC) exercises, and how they link into the competency set.

  • How those exercises types link into a competency set. This competency set needs to be defined. Either we use the corporate global leadership competencies, or we develop a list in discussions with candidates and observers in the pre-work phase.


  • The advantages of using a corporate competence set within the DC are essentially in the maturity of the description of the competencies themselves, and the fact that it is always possible for the managers to go back to them after the session and refresh their knowledge.


  • The dis-advantage of a pre-established competence set is simply apathy. “Once it is supported by PowerPoint, we can ignore it”.


As has probably been made clear by other areas of this document, we are not really satisfied with “off the shelf” exercises. Much better to create something that reflects the real world and corporate culture as closely as possible, and to mix and match with standard roleplay formats. Below are a few examples of how a roleplay begins. From this description, the developers would then see if there are roleplay ideas that fit the situation nicely, or whether something needs to be created from fresh. (For focus, these examples illustrate the sales  and area sale manager function)